Daily Herald Recognizes Thunder's Early Season Success

Though the season is barely underway, Thunder players are already earning their playing time with their respective high school teams.

The Daily Herald's latest softball round-up courtesy of author John Leusch includes shout-outs to two Thunder players while also featuring a picture of a third when speaking of the St. Viator team as a whole.

You can read the entire article here, but here are a few highlights mentioning Thunder players in action.

In speaking of Hersey's powerful start to the year, the article mentions that:

"Senior Kate Adamski and sophomore (Thunder Original) Payton Kee also have homers for the Huskies" 

while also quoting Hersey Varsity Coach Molly Freeman, who shared that: 

"Our battery is showing great strength under the leadership of our seniors (pitcher Sabrina Di Vito and catcher Livia Christopher) with valuable innings being shared with sophomores Ariya Patel and Payton Kee."

When talking about Rolling Meadows hot start, the article highlights that:

"The Mustangs have started the season with a 2-0 start with sophomore (Thunder Original and alum) Kelly McQueen and junior (Thunder 16u Black standout) Sophia Cobos leading the offense."

Though our very own Stella Zafiris didn't get called out by name, we'd recognize her smile from a million miles away, especially when it's the cover photo courtesy of Paul Valade | Staff Photographer for the Daily Herald. 

We're all smiles too Stella!

Photo courtesy of Paul Valade | Staff Photographer for the Daily Herald