Buddies Welcome Thunder for a Special Scrimmage

Members of the Thunder joined the PHYBS Phantoms Buddy Ball team on Friday night for a fun scrimmage. 

Buddy Ball provides special needs athletes with a program that enables them to participate as fully as possible in baseball / softball. Buddy Ball has become widely appreciated and receives volunteers who help participants hit, field, throw and move around the bases during the game. The players build a special bond with their “buddies”, making this a great experience for everyone involved.
Players are exposed to the rules of the game and learn qualities such as teamwork and good sportsmanship. And the program enables players to be part of an organized sport, furthering their physical fitness goals and helping them develop social skills. 

Our Thunder players loved being buddies so much that we are going to participate in another scrimmage in a few weeks. 

This was such a fun experience for everyone, thank you Phantoms for letting us be your buddies!