Gianna Catanzano, Class of 2026

Catcher, Outfield

My name is Gianna Catanzano and I am a freshman at Prospect High School in Mount Prospect, IL. I've been playing softball for 4.5 years, the last two with Thunder Fastpitch. 

I remember the first time I had an interest for softball I was in 4th grade at recess with my two best friends. They were both pitching to each other and talking about how excited they were for their games. I knew right then that I had to get on the field.

Other then softball, I really enjoy fitness and working out. Most of the time I work out at 5:00 am before school because I realized that it is most beneficial for me to workout before school so that after school, I have time to, study/do homework, play softball, and socialize. 

I have not yet played for Prospect High School because the season has not started, but I hope to begin my high school career this spring.

Player Information
Player NameGianna Catanzano
Player Number00
Player Age14
Player Birthday03/02/08
Player Height5,3
Player Weight125
Batting / Throwing Strong HandRight hand
Primary PositionsCatcher/Outfield
Player Email
Twitter Account (link)@GiannaCatanzano
YouTube Highlight Playlist (link)
FieldLevel Profile Link:
SportsRecruits Profile Link:
Parent's Names (First and Last)Joe Catanzano, Kate Catanzano
Academic Information
High SchoolProspect High School
What Year Will You Graduate High School?2026
Grade Point Average (GPA)4.18
ACT/SAT Score-
Areas of Academic Interest, Potential Major(s)Healthcare, Engineering
Softball Achievements/Recognitions-
Travel Softball Experience2.5 years
Player Attributes
10 Yard Dash Time (seconds) and Date Recorded1.6 ( 1/4/23 )
20 Yard Dash Time (seconds) and Date Recorded2.76 (1/4/23)
Overhand Throwing Velocity (MPH) and Date Recorded59 (1/4/23)
Exit Velocity (Batting) and Date Recorded66 (1/4/23)
Pop Time (Catcher's Only) and Date Recorded1.79 ( 1/4/23 )