Elizabeth Aicher, Class of 2026

Shortstop, Second Base, Catcher
I am Elizabeth Aicher, a 2026 Graduate of Prospect High School D214. I play for the Arlington Heights Thunder Premier 16U.

Other than pitcher, I can adjust to whatever position my coach needs me in. However, my primary positions are shortstop, second, and catcher. These positions pushed me to become a leader of my team.

No matter who you are playing with or against, your teammates should work together and play 100% until the end of the 7th inning. Mistakes happen; you must build each other up and help regain your teammates' confidence. Being able to control your attitude and thoughts plays a significant role in how you can play.

If you can boost your confidence and believe in yourself, it will have a positive outcome on the field or up to bat. If you cannot achieve this by yourself, your teammates should come in. These simple aspects have allowed me to become the player I am today.

Softball has taught me a lot about growing as a team while having all A's throughout middle school and high school has taught me a lot about personal growth. These factors will come in handy throughout my career and the future. In college, I would like to pursue a major in Aerospace Engineering and play softball with a group of girls that believe in teamwork. I am very excited to work with you and discuss my upcoming future.

Player Information
Player NameElizabeth Grace Aicher
Player Number7
Player Age14
Player BirthdayMay 12, 2008
Player Height5'6''
Player Weight120
Batting / Throwing Strong HandRight
Primary PositionsShortstop, Center, Catcher
Player Email AddressElizabeth.aicher@gmail.com
Twitter Account (link)Twitter: @eaichersb2026
YouTube Highlight Playlist (link)If available
FieldLevel Profile Link:https://www.fieldlevel.com/app/profile/elizabeth.aicher/softball
SportsRecruits Profile Link:https://sportsrecruits.com/activity
Parent's Names (First and Last)Karen Aicher
Academic Information
High SchoolProspect High School
What Year Will You Graduate High School?2026
Grade Point Average (GPA)4.5
Areas of Academic Interest, Potential Major(s)Engineering, Business
Softball Achievements/RecognitionsBecame an All-American and played for the USSSA Lionesses, ending the tournament 2nd out of 16 teams. The players from all over the country came down to Viera, Florida, for one big tournament. Also, I ranked 315 nationally, 117 in the Midwest, and 101 in MIF nationally.
Travel Softball ExperienceI have been part of the Thunder for the past 4 years. Starting during the Spring of 2019, joining the 11U team. Throughout the years, the coaches I have been given have taught me the skills I need to succeed. I have had great experiences with this program (going to Wisconsin Dells, subbing for different teams, after game dinners, etc).
Player Attributes
10 Yard Dash Time (seconds) and Date Recorded2
20 Yard Dash Time (seconds) and Date Recorded3.08
Overhand Throwing Velocity (MPH) and Date Recorded58mph
Exit Velocity (Batting) and Date Recorded55mph
Pop Time (Catcher's Only) and Date Recorded2.03