Thunder Premier Takes 2nd in LP4U PGF Fall Peoria Showcase

In their final PGF event of the fall, the LP4U Fall Peoria Showcase, Thunder Premier 16u placed second in their division. 

The tournament started with a tough loss to a strong Peoria Sluggers team, but Premier bounced back with a strong 11 - 2 win over CTW Premier Saturday night. Wins over NWI Sox Fastpitch and the TBSA Wahoos lead to a spot in the Championship game against the Lady Expos, who edged the Thunder 10-9 to take the final.

It was a total team effort and we are very proud of the girls for performing so well despite the rainy and sub-50 (and sub-40 on Sunday) degree days. You can see some of the weekend's highlights on our YouTube Channel.

Way to bring the BOOM!



77Kee 2025Payton515130.6150.6671.5900.9238
42Van Ryn 2026Madilyn516150.5330.5631.1630.6008
7Aicher 2026Elizabeth516120.5000.6251.2080.5836
17Felman 2026Gabby3860.5000.6252.1251.5003
27Marchialette 2026Maggie514120.4170.5001.2500.7505
23Johl 2027Maeve4660.3330.3331.0000.6672
0Catanzano 2026Gianna515140.2860.3330.9760.6434
3Nay 2026Julia411100.2000.2730.4730.2002
14McDonough 2026Libby3860.1670.3750.7080.3331
11Linker 2026Mary3640.0000.3330.3330.0000
13Aguado 2026Sophia2440.0000.0000.0000.0000
29Kirch 2027Allie3850.0000.2500.2500.0000

77Kee 2025Payton521073267%
42Van Ryn 2026Madilyn710007144%
7Aicher 2026Elizabeth510038463%
17Felman 2026Gabby100242263%
27Marchialette 2026Maggie140072257%
23Johl 2027Maeve101022033%
0Catanzano 2026Gianna112074140%
3Nay 2026Julia200003118%
14McDonough 2026Libby010003250%
11Linker 2026Mary000002267%
13Aguado 2026Sophia00000100%
29Kirch 2027Allie000010250%


17Felman 2026Gabby113116853.8181.727
77Kee 2025Payton7.1281320.9551.500
27Marchialette 2026Maggie2.229106226.255.625

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