Aicher Named to USSSA All-American Team

Thunder Fastpitch is excited to share that long-time Thunder player Elizabeth Aicher has been named to the USSSA All-American Team!

Aicher earned her spot by trying out for the Great Lakes regional team in Peoria. She was evaluated in five different areas: speed, throwing velocity, exit velocity, and then defensively at two positions. 

Aicher found out that she was selected to the team via a streamed selection show on June 8th for the games, which are played in Melbourne, Florida. Though she was selected for the Great Lakes Region, they split up all the regions to make it more competitive, so she is playing with girls from all over the country. 

The coaching staff includes current and former college players and coaches from the professional USSSA teams. Not only does this provide Aicher with the opportunity to play with some of the best players from around the country for some of the best to ever play the game, they've also gotten to play in one of the coolest softball venues in the country.

Aicher will be a freshman at Prospect High School this fall and play for Thunder 16u Silver. We are so very proud of you Elizabeth, way to bring the BOOM all the way to Florida!

About the Event

The USSSA All American Games is a showcase event, established in 2011. This event was created to help kids from all over the country come to the Space Coast to showcase their unique skills in front of some of the best colleges in the country. Our primary focus is to provide a great experience that allows players and families a chance to connect with some of the top names in the industry.

This event takes place as the World Class, USSSA Space Coast Complex. We built this unique, one of a kind, complex to provide players an opportunity to play at a first class facility, in the beautiful state of Florida. Located just 30 minutes from Disney World, this park will not only blow you away, but its location will provide entertainment for the entire family regardless of how long your stay is!

This event will provide a competitive environment for all athletes regardless of their gender or age. This environment helps them increase their skills, develop better communication skills, and team building with players from other parts of the country.

We encourage sportsmanship to develop a more enjoyable competitive environment. One of our core priorities is maintaining a respectful atmosphere. Sportsmanship plays a vital role in this. We believe in teamwork, respect, honor, discipline, kindness, inclusion, resilience, and perseverance.

We do believe that sports build a strong foundation for a better life through team building and competitiveness. Sports activities produce chemicals in the brain which reduces stress and depression.

Participating in youth sports not only has emotional benefits, but also helps improve the social life of each participant. Playing on a team helps develop many of the social skills one needs in life. It allows you to learn to be cooperative, selfless, and helpful. It also helps in making new friends and building their social circle.

There is another significant factor in team sports such as baseball and softball. It is the breeding ground for leadership traits. Studies have revealed a correlation between sports participation and leadership qualities. With the opportunity to train, try, lose, or win together. People involved in physical sports have more chances to acquire a “team mindset.” That team mindset leads to strong leadership qualities over time.

Hence, playing sports can uplift confidence and improve self-esteem. As strength, skills, and stamina increase through playing sports, self-image will also improve.